“Green hamlets of Tavria” - Spring Rally 30.04-03.05.2014

“Green hamlets of Tavria” - Spring Rally 30.04-03.05.2014

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We invite all the brave Caravanners to come to Ukraine for our Spring Rally and support our young movement!


Place of the Rally is near the Black Sea!

The entire area of farms takes up to more than twelve hectares, and for your convenience we have divided it into routes: updated with new crafts Flower and Alder routs, and the new experimental natural route — “Have fun – Develop”.
All routes connected with hiking trails, roads and bridges that allows, staying close to nature, to learn the real master-class of historical past of Ukraine.

Tavria Green hamlets consist of 45 hamlets, each one of those offers workshops connected with the name of the farm: Archer, reeled dolls, barber, amulets, spice-cakes, glass making, pottery, blacksmithing, basket weaving, clay modeling, painting, felting wool, soap, herbal Treatments etc.
We invite you to visit the small museum of Ukrainian life and the contact domestic animals zoo, ride horses, boats and catamarans. There are several children's pools in the complex. Fishing fans will enjoy a good catch! There are a gift shop, national cuisine restaurants and playgrounds with swings.
Overnight you will have your own separate parking lot with all conditions in the quiet picturesque place where you can enjoy the cleanest air of alder grove, quench your thirst with pure spring water and hear the magic morning song of birds.

Immerse yourself in the world of childhood, the world that smells with bread, sparkles with the dawn of dewy grass, where the nightingale song touches your soul...

Feel the atmosphere of Ukrainian traditions and customs!

GPS coordinates: N46.535868, E32.652329

Place of the Rally at the Google map: https://maps.google.com.ua/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=ru&t=h&msa=0&msid=203011847316962097121.00049c51f4ba47aa3b021&ll=46.640008,32.637634&spn=0.660012,1.167297&z=9&iwloc=00049c51f852d5251606b&source=embed

Joining to the caravan in Kyiv from April 25 to 28 and morning April 29 starts together ride to the Rally.

After the Rally will be able to spend 2 days in the Camp "Druzhba" near the Black Sea:


and May 6 returns together to Kyiv.

Patronage of this Rally carries the Ukrainian Federation of Camping and Caravaning.

For registration and any questions please contact us at: ufcca.org@gmail.com

Travel in style!
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